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Friday, November 14, 2008

Princess Nina

Miss Nina has hit a new phase...the princess phase. Everything revolves around princesses. She even started calling daddy a princess, but he was quick to teach her that he is the 'king'.

Here she is reading Snow White in her Snow White dress. She loves to climb into the chair and read the books all by herself...always asking mommy and daddy to leave the room. You can hear her reading all the way downstairs.

She still loves to dance, dance, dance...usually holding one of her friends. Today it was lion.

For Halloween, Nina dressed up as a black cat. The ears and tail didn't last long, and she was a little scared of the kids showing up at the door in costume, so we decided to stay in.

Daddy and Nina raked a big leaf pile outside this fall and Nina had fun jumping in it.

Finally, Chef Nina shows off her apron from Mama Jeanne and Papa Wayne. She likes to go 'shopping' and buy pizza, cake, and green beans.

Hopefully for the next post Nina will be introducing her little sister, but for now, we'll have to keep waiting.


Anonymous Manina said...

Sooo cute - love the princess dresses and the budding independence. Is Nina excited to be getting a new baby sister? Can't wait to see more pictures - hope all is going well.

2:41 PM  
Anonymous Manina said...

*chants* We want Clara! We want Clara! Hope the expanded family is doing well!!

5:07 PM  

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