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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday 2 years!!

Nina has been busy growing and talking and expressing herself as she approached two years. We have been having a fun, busy summer. Nina loves swimming in the pool, walking to the 'baby tree', talking, talking, talking, dancing, ABCs, counting, singing songs, and the penguin movie.
Nina enjoys picking blackberries in the backyard with daddy EVERY evening. Then they eat them all!!

Nina is now in a big girl bed!! We have such a good sleeper!! Every morning she gets up and sits in bed and tells mommy and daddy stories--especially ones about what she is scared of that day (skeletons, ice, monsters, dinosaurs, etc...).

Nina loves to sing the 'Happy Birthday' song. This is Nina at her family birthday party, showing her reaction as she opens another dress.

Nina shows off a beautiful balloon flower as poses for a picture at her Uncle Adam and Aunt Gretchen's rehersal dinner. She LOVES to dance and constantly asks for 'more songs to dance to, PLEASE!!' Her favorite band right now is They Might Be Giants.

Nina got all dressed up for the wedding!! Uncle Adam and Aunt Gretchen had a beautiful day for their wedding.


Anonymous lindsey said...

I have the cutest niece in the world.

12:19 AM  
Anonymous Manina said...

Hooray for new pictures, and Happy Birthday Nina!!! You are such a beautiful little girl. How is mom-to-be doing?? Let's see some belly pics, too!! :)

6:26 PM  

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